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Powerful Range

A wide range of Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries are available, from cylindrical to rectangular (prismatic) types.


High Capacity

VAPEXTECH’s pursuit of higher capacity has increased capacity nearly twice as much as standard NiCd batteries, which means that NiMH batteries last longer. This performance makes NiMH an effective power source for a variety of high-tech equipment. NiMH batteries can withstand more than 500 charge/discharge cycles (IEC61951-2 clause 4.4) for superior economy. 


Fast Charging Capability

When using a specifically designed charger, NiMH batteries can be charged in just half hour. A charge control module is also available.


High Reliability

VAPEXTECH’s advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control are the secrets of the excellent reliability of NiMH batteries.



A Nickel-Metal Hydride battery consists of a positive electrode plate containing Nickel Hydroxide as a main active material, a negative electrode plate mainly composed of Hydrogen-absorbing alloys, a separator made of fine fibers, an alkaline electrolyte, a metal casing, and a sealing plate provided with a self-resealing safety vent. For a cylindrical Nickel-Metal Hydride battery, the positive and negative plates are separated by separator, wound into a coil, inserted into the case, and sealed by a sealing plate and an electrically insulated gasket.


For a prismatic Nickel-Metal Hydride battery, the positive and negative plates are layered together with separators between them, inserted into the case, and sealed with a sealing plate. 


Hydrogen-absorbing Alloy

Hydrogen-absorbing alloys are capable of absorbing Hydrogen equivalent to about a thousand times their own volume, generating metal hydrides and releasing the Hydrogen they absorbed. The Hydrogen-absorbing alloys combine metal (A) whose hydrides generate heat exothermically and metal (B) whose hydrides generate heat endothermically to produce the suitable binding energy so that Hydrogen can be absorbed and released at or around normal temperature and pressure levels. On how metals A and B are combined, the alloys are classified into the following types: AB2( Ti2Ni) and AB5(LaNi5). VapexTech is now focusing on its attention on mixture of AB2 & AB5 type alloys which feature higher capacity while keep excellent Charge and discharge efficiency, and excellent cycle life as AB2 alloys only.



The charge and discharge reactions of Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are show below.


Schematic Discharge of NiMH Battery

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