sport bluetooth earbuds


·       Innovation

The First Step:

Light-Weight & Low-Distribution in cell capacities by advanced electrode & cell constructions.


 Light-Weight   (Wh/Kg)

 Capacity   Distribution

 Conventional:   Copper   Mesh



 Advanced:   NPPS (Nickel   Plated Punched Steel) 
    for Negative Electrode, & Two Step Steel Can




The Second Step: 

Enhanced reliabilities at rapid-charging to 15 minutes fully-charged.
Long Storage Life, to decrease Self-Discharge to 10% or lower after one year storage time.


The Third Step: 

High Energy Density 1.3~1.5 times than present capacity by Mix Alloys such as AB3.


The Forth Step: 

To enhance the charge retention to 85% after one year storage.


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