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Capacity Distribution 

In most cases, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are used in battery packs when installed in a product. When using these batteries, the type of battery, the number of batteries, the shape of the battery pack, the components in the battery packs, etc. are determined by the specifications (voltage, load current) of the product. In addition, the charging specifications, available space in the battery compartment, operating conditions, etc. must also be considered. At Vapextech, we are committed to promoting battery packs that emphasize battery safety and reliability. We customize the shape of the package to meet the unique requirements of each customer.. If you have special needs, please feel free to contact us.


Shapes of Battery Packs (Typical &Standard Types)


S Type                                               
The required number of cells are arranged side by side along their diameter, connected by   Nickel plates, and packaged with a heat shrinkable tubing.            


W type

The individual cells are connected in a W-configuration, but in 2 to 5 rows instead of one row and packaged together by heat-shrinkable tubing.


L Type

The required number of cells are lined up on the battery axis, connected by connecting plates, and packaged together by a heat-shrinkable tubing.


H Type


The individual cells connected in an H-shaped configuration are further connected in two to five rows and filled together by heat shrink tubing.



Other Types


Vapextech can offer more types to meet the needs of its customers. Some special types of NiMH battery packs are shown below.




Construction of a Battery Pack 

The following figure shows the basic construction of the battery pack, a PTC device with resettable overcurrent protection, and a thermal protector for temperature sensing installed in the NiMH battery pack to prevent the battery pack from rising in temperature.


Special Pack Shapes 

Vapextech is poised to meet customers’ demand for customized specifications, such as battery pack in plastic resin case, or Capacity gauge indication and battery packs with built-in chargers. Contact us for a technical discussion.  

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