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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Achieve Superior Quality

VAPEXTECH's batteries and chargers are exported to the global market, primarily in North America, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Our products also comply with various safety standards such as UL, CE, GS and Rohs.


The company is ISO9001 certified; all VAPEXTECH products undergo a series of Aging and Capacity Sorting prior to shipment. As a final measurement, series Reliability Tests include Cycle Life Testing, Self-Discharge Testing, Salt Applications, Storage Testing and Normal/High/Low Temperature Testing etc. Conduct Safety Tests on a specified number of products, such as Short Circuit, Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Drop, Vibration Test etc. With such a rigorous monitoring system, it is not surprising that VAPEXTECH has won the trust of customers from all over the world.


Procurement and Material control - Advanced Monitoring System to Ensure Feed Quality 

Because we are committed to providing quality products, we use advanced material control systems to ensure on-time delivery and effective cost control.

By fully understanding the needs of our customers, our engineers are actively involved in the material selection process by providing cost-effective, professionally selectable functional designs. In addition, in order to meet the high quality requirements of VAPEXTECH, the material used in production is consumed in "first - in - first - out" (FIFO) and "Just in time" (JIT) to avoid extending the base of storage. Other aspects of the monitoring system include monthly Monitoring Statistical Report of Suppliers and periodic visits to suppliers to study their production status to ensure the quality of the materials supplied.


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