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           Concentrating on High Technology & Environmental Benefits

With VAPEX you benefit from our 8 years of experience in offering high technology NiMH rechargeable batteries, especially for High-Capacity and High-Rate (HR) batteries. Our Green Technology creates a brand new type NiMH rechargeable batteries, the ‘Ready-to-Use’ batteries, our ‘instant’ series-- to satisfy the ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENCE needs of customers. This is an all-in-one solution.
A Series Battery Chargers also make you use our rechargeable batteries easily. Good Quality chargers can be used for several years, bring substantial savings.
Moreover, we have achieved multiple industry certifications that guarantee the quality of our services and products. Our new products also meet European RoHS environmental standards, which mean that all raw meterial must be recycleable—especially metal components and plastic.
VP series R/C NiMH & po battery packs are widely used for Competition & Hobbies -- RC cars, RC racing vehicles, Sumo robots, AirSoft electric guns, Model Helicopters and more.
VAPEX also provides 8.4V-PP3 and 9.6V-PP3 high-capacity batteries for all electronic appliances. As while as the cordless phone batteries and FRS batteries.
We operate two factories in Shenzhen. Employing 730 production staffs and 30 engineers, we ensure efficient support for your ODM/OEM orders. Our daily capacity is 200,000 NiMH cells. Our headquarters in Hong Kong offers world-class sales service and will follow up on your orders closely to make sure they will be completed on time and on target.
VAPEX, we have demonstrated not only the technical capabilities, but also the determination to lead the markets.

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