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OEM / ODM Welcome
Comprehensive Range & Customized Service for OEM / ODM Customers
—— We believe ‘the customer defines the product
Introduction         Head Office / Factory Information

Years of experience have led us to a wide range of high quality products and totally solutions for our customers.

Rapid market developments need quick and immediate reaction. That's why our engineering team works in close partnership with your power management engineers to develop directly the right solution and provide the necessary prototypes quickly.
And our steadily growing teams always follow the principle ‘the customer defines the product'.

We are in a position to take fast and flexible action in all enquiries, both from existing and potential customers. In this area, we supply not only the mobile energy, but also we deliver the charging technology or charging electronics to go with it- Providing our customers with complete solutions from one source, precisely tailored to your respective needs.

Our range includes lots of articles out of these categories:
‘Ready-to-Use’ Battery, our In2100AA series NiMH Battery, for consumer market and industry market
AAA1100 Series for MP3 Player, NiMH Battery
AA2900 Series for Digital Age, NiMH Battery
Vapex’Tech Battery Chargers
VP Racing Batteries for Competition & Hobbies
VP RC po Batteries for R/C car & Model Helicopters
High Temperature Series- for Emergency Lighting, NiCd & NiMH Batteries
Digital Camera Li-Ion batteries & Chargers
VP2600AAF Series Battery Packs, NiMH Battery
Vapex Cordless Phone Batteries, NiMH, NiCd & Li-ion Batteries

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